Exhibition view: Neue Galerie, Graz, Sept. 2017
photos © J.J. Kucek
Powder Coated Metal, Ral 3014, Ral 5020, 2017
160 × 220 × 250 cm
The drawing “New Years Wish with Three Witches” by Hans Baldung Grien from the year 1514 was reproduced several times over the centuries, and received a differentiated story of reception. In the exhibition a light print (a rarely applied precious print process) from the year 1934, which could be acquired in the course of the research of the artist from the estate of the former Albertina publishing house, is exhibited.
Both a spatial unfolding as well as an abstraction, this drawing is also a further element of the exhibition, in the form of a spatial sculpture ensemble of steel. The object, which consists of three steel triangles of different sizes, was powder coated in three colors corresponding to the film (pale green, old pink, petrol). This polychrome coating is related to the filmed surfaces and colors of the machines and costumes of the performers. In addition, each color has its own rhythm, the petrol blue refers to a slow, dormant speed, in contrast to the light fast-acting course of the pale green. Another reference to the drawing of Baldung, which was also interpreted as an illustration of three age-groups.