Bildanalyse Skizzen

Exhibition view: Kunstraum NÖ, Wien, März. 2018
photos © Eva Würdinger
Bildanalyse Skizzen
(grafische Reinterpretation des Neujahrsgrußes mit drei Hexen von Hans Baldung gen. Grien)
Series, 7 sheets of paper, Xerox on natural white design paper, 2017
21 × 29,7 cm
The series of black-and-white collages describe the artist‘s analytical approach in dealing with the drawing „New Year‘s greeting with three witches“ by Hans Baldung gen. Grien from 1514, which has been reproduced several times over the centuries. The obscurations caused by overlaps in the copying process refer to the numerous and divergent art-historical exegeses about the drawing.