Untitled Diary Entry

Exhibition view: Size Matters Raum Für Kunst und Film, Vienna, Sept. 2015
photos © Patrick Weber
Untitled Diary Entry
28.7.2014, Vienna, Austria
Drawing, oil pastels on paper, 2014
30 × 22 cm
The drawing is a diagrammed account of a tragic-comic accident in Vienna’s recent history. A landlord wanted to get rid of tenants in order to renovate the building and be able to charge higher rents. Therefore, he invited a group of “Punks” to move in, to wear down the patience of the remaining resistant residents with their noisy appearance and destructive attitude. The “Punks” moved in but instead of fulfilling the landlord’s tricky plan they solidarized with the elderly residents. From then on they fought against the eviction plan together, which ended in one of the biggest historical known police operations where the astounding number of 1700 policemen were sent against the 19 pizzeria squatters.