Hit Like a Girl

Exhibition view: Kunsthalle Exnergasse / group exhibition „Is it language that they´re after? (keine*r antwortete.)“ Wien, April 2018
photo © Markus Krottendorfer

Hit Like a Girl
Video-Installation with Sound, 2016
Projection: 180 cm Å~ 100 cm Å~ 30 cm, 2 Headphones,
10:15 min
“Hit Like a Girl” is an audiovisual artistic work that originated from the documentation of the durational performance “drums for two”. The black / white video, showed mainly in split screen mode, the artist on the left side and the respective Drum partner on the right. It gives an insight into the functioning of the dialogical drumming, the coordination of listening and the immediate rhythmic response and idea. Social determinants such as age, occupation, gender and musical knowledge begin to dissolve behind the democratic settings of the drums, whereas the highly individual approaches to the instrument remain to be seen and heard.
The processes of sitting down, of the beginning of the musical interaction, the facial expressions of concentration and joy make Hit Like a Girl a judicious study of human communication within a simple and analog setting. On an audio level, the processing of the two drum recordings from the documentation starting material turns into a music piece of its own.