drums for 2

photos © Andi Dvořák
Drums for Two
Performance, Installation Jan. 2015 & May 2015
Rundgang Academy of Fine Arts Vienna & VBKÖ (The Austrian Association of Women Artists)
Two drum-kits are opposing each other in a room. Veronika Eberhart played one drum-kit two days long for 6 hours. The other drum kit was played by different people during this time: visitors, grown-ups, children, people I invited, everyone who passed by and wanted to sit down and interact with the artist, no matter if they were experienced in making music or not. Drumming is its own form of non-verbal communication through sound. It allows easy articulations of thoughts and feelings without having to explain them logically in words. Drumming also helps to express subtleties that words don‘t often allow. By playing the drums, one can speak with their own personal voice and can learn to coordinate what to say with what others are
saying by listening and attuning to the rhythms around us.